Winter Skincare Regimen


Lets start by stating the obvious for us northerners. This winter has been BRUTAL. Beyond brutal! Here are a few skincare products that are helping with single digit temps and windy days.

Sephora Rose Micellar cleansing milk, here
On sale for $4 right now!


This product is on the cheaper end, so I was very skeptical. I have been using this in the morning and also before bed. Not only does it smell great, but my face feels so refreshed and soft. I would recommend this a million times over and will be restocking! Sephora offers other types of micellar milks, including charcoal and green tea which might be worth a shot!

Laneige Water Sleeping Mask, here


This mask is highly rated, and rightfully so. It’s a bit of a splurge, at $25 a jar, but I LOVE it. I use this after a cleanser before bed twice a week. Sleep with it on, wake up, and wash off. It replenishes water in your skin and will leave you feeling fresh. I recommend this to anyone who will listen!

Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Cucumber, and Green Tea, here

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Everyone has heard of (and probably purchased) Mario Badescu’s rose water spray. I went out a limb and decided to buy the green tea facial spray at my local Antrhopologie and I will never turn back. I spray a few sprays in the morning after cleansing, and even after I put my make up on. I will admit that this might not be ideal for those with oily skin as it seems to make mine appear dewy/somewhat oily. Otherwise, this stuff is incredible!

Philosophy The Microdelivery Exfoliating Facial Wash, here


Finding a good cleanser for your skin type is hard, and I have nailed it with this exfoliating wash. I love Philosophy products, from foundation to body wash, and really love how clean this gets my face. It helps scrub away dry skin and impurities. Love!

Andalou Naturals Clementine + C Illuminating Toner, here


I went out on a limb with this one. Winter was approaching quickly and I wanted a vitamin c toner. I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of this product at this price point. It smells delicious and really, truly helps my winter dry skin. I spray once a day (twice if I need a pick me up!) and it combats dryness. It even helps with circulation! Give this one a shot- it’s even prime eligible!

Mario Badescu Ceramide Eye Gel, here

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My husband and I have both been using this for a year or so. It is lightweight and a little dab goes a LONG way, so the bottle lasts awhile. My eyes don’t necessarily get puffy or tired looking, but this helps and prevents that. As an accountant, my husband spends long hours at the office with little sleep and in turn struggles with puffy tired eyes. He swears by this, and I definitely agree. We will keep swearing by this eye cream!

Pond’s Dry Skin Cream, here


This is a product I have been using for YEARS. I could probably stand to update to a new moisturizer, but this is old faithful for me. I put this on after cleansing, and before any toner or spray.

Esapora Ice Roller, here


This purchase is a new one for me, but has already worked miracles. I struggle with a chronic pain condition which causes puffiness, pain in my face and neck, and also migraines. I would recommend this to anyone who deals with any of these problems!


Have a wonderful weekend! Tootles!